Order a Huber-Style Birth Map

Huber-Style birth charts are unique because they are drawn boldly and in primary colours, making it so easy to home in on your individual qualities. They also depict the Five Layers of the chart and the Energy Curve mentioned in The Huber Method.

If you would like a copy of your own, or another
full colour Huber-Style Birth Chart....

.......please follow the two-step procedure below:

Step 1.   Complete the order form and click'Send'.

Step 2.  Make your Payment for £3 by clicking 'Pay Now'button below.

Birth Chart Order Form
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I aim to send your order the same day, or the following day if ordered after 9:00 pm (UK time), but please allow at least two days.  Your birth chart will be sent on a printable PDF file to your email address. 

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