"I’ve been an amateur astrologer for many years now, and Marilyn’s reading of my chart has been an amazing experience for me. It was quite accurate although not always easy to face, but it has revealed many things that I will find helpful in my growing awareness of myself. Her interpretation concerning Saturn has been very helpful in confirming for me what I should do going forward. It has also been an excellent springboard for my own recent interest in studying Huber Astrological Psychology and Psychosynthesis".

Ed Conolly, Raleigh, North Carolina

…….. your interesting and excellent birth chart analysis was certainly worth the wait……..I was gladly surprised by the high standard you delivered in (astrological/psychological) content and form. Concerning form: I like very much the clear design, style, presentation and lay-out; this includes the illustrations of the chart-details to clarify the text!
…. I foremost want to thank you very much for the acute interpretation you offered with all your work. Again I’m gladly surprised by the high quality you deliver (be sure that I will tell my family and friends about your quality as a Huber astrologer!). You give a thorough analysis of the birth chart but also an amazingly insightful synthesis of all its significant components. I really appreciate your lucid combining of analysis and synthesis. It is some time ago (six months) you sent it to me. But during these six months I read it a lot of times. I needed all this time to scrutinize and contemplate it, and to let it sink in.
 L.H., Netherlands

"Marilyn Burnett at astrofocus is an extraordinary and rare astrologer. Her analysis of my chart was thorough and completely sensitive.
If you are seeking a new direction or simply coming terms with aspects of your life so far, Marilyn’s interpretation provides a balanced insight into your strengths and potential weaknesses. The emphasis is always on the prospect for evolution and positive change. Even negative aspects are viewed as learning experiences to be used as opportunities for growth.
Finally, the information I received was so detailed and pertinent it is something I am sure I will be referring to again and again. It is like having my own instruction leaflet, a map and a compass that I can use not only now but in the future too".

Benita Scott, EFT Energy practitioner at www.essentialeft.co.uk

On a whim I decided to have an astrology birth chart interpretation from my good friend Marilyn Burnett of Astrofocus. I think it’s true to say that I did it for a bit of fun, but I couldn't possibly envisage it having too much merit. How wrong I was.
The Astrological Psychology Report blew me away. It centered on things I had long forgotten and gave me a window on my creativity, my motivations, my history and also puts into perspective why certain events happen. I read it constantly and still today find it fascinating, fulfilling and comforting.
I would most definitely recommend to anyone, who like me, was a little sceptical, to have an astrology birth chart done by Marilyn. Attention to the detail was faultless and I am so pleased I went to see her. I commend Astrofocus to you. 

Renowned award winning international artist Mike Payne is best known as the creator of ranges and concepts of hugely successful characters and licensed merchandise known across the world. www.mikepaynestudio.com

"Marilyn is an extremely skilled and sensitive astrological consultant. She analysed my chart recently with accuracy and thorough elucidation. It actually gave me goosebumps. The examination of my chart was done in a non-judgmental and supportive manner, with a keen emphasis on strategy and potential for growth.
I would recommend her to anyone seeking a moment of clarity in their life. Her service offers an opportunity to re-orientate yourself to your potential and to accept and move on from those influences that may have impinged on your life in the past".


"I have just finished reading the natal chart analysis that you prepared for me…thank you, it’s pretty much spot on. I will have to keep reading it until I understand it more fully, but from this initial ‘take’, I’m very impressed!" 
"It’s obvious to me that you love your work; you explain things very well and in a way that the lay person can connect with!"
"Your analysis has been very reassuring to read as I have already undertaken much of what you recommend, but it has also confirmed the decision that I now need to go in".

Lindsey Adams, Chichester, UK

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