Astrological Psychology Analysis

Personally Written Birth Chart Interpretations 
by  Marilyn Burnett Dip. APA., MAPAI.

What will the interpretation contain?

A personally written astrological psychology birth chart analysis (not computer generated) will reveal your psychological make-up. It will pinpoint the tensions and crises you may have experienced in your life, where these have stemmed from and, more positively, your potential for both psychological and spiritual growth.  It will also show the psychological stage you've reached at this point in time and the direction you're now heading in.

An Intuitive Image of your Psyche

Before using astrology to interpret your chart, we use intuition to gain an image of your inner psyche. For this, we use just the pattern formed by the aspect lines around the circle in the centre. This alone can convey a great deal about your psychological make-up. 
For instance, the pattern in the chart shown to the right conjured up the image of child having great fun spraying people with a garden hose. It turned out to be the chart of a comedian who constantly showered others with his jokes! Why this was large part of his psychological make-up, and the implications it had in his life, were made clear in the later analysis.


Your Unconscious Motivations

The distinctive graphics and colour balance of your Huber Style birth chart and the distinctive pattern they make are like a portrait of your whole, unique personality. They can show the type of energies that influence you, in what direction they are flowing and the meaning this has in your life. 
Besides showing your overall psychological make-up, they can reveal hidden motivations that, although unconscious, drive you from within. Amongst other things, they show whether you're more inclined towards forming relationships or towards achieving independence and individuality. And if there’s a contradiction, as there is in the chart to the left, then it will cause problems in relating. This chart to the left shows aspect lines with a distinctly horizontal concentration, between ‘Me’ and ‘You’ (relationships), but there are also some lines leading upwards towards the top, which shows a conflicting desire for individuality. It's hard to concentrate fully on maintaining good relationships when you also want some independence.

Your Psychological Conflicts, Natural abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

The Huber Method's unique Energy Curve* (the wave-like pattern around the chart) can pinpoint your natural, inherent qualities and the conditioning you received as a child; if these clashed, then it may have resulted in conflicts that could now be causing psychological problems.  Behaviour patterns learnt in childhood can hinder us from being our natural selves and cause difficulties in personal and business relationships or in achieving our goals. 
Fundamentally, with the aid of the Energy Curve, we can diagnose your Mental, Physical and Emotional strengths and weaknesses. Once you discover what these are, you’ll be able to start working with your strengths; then almost magically, as you realise you're good at something, your weaknesses will gradually begin to disappear!

The chart depicted here shows the Sun at the lowest dip in the Energy Curve and, as the Sun represents what we have a mind to do, this person’s Mind was ‘hidden’ in the dip.  It indicates someone who was not given adequate direction as a child on how set his mind on goals nor how achieve them. Of course, it's much more complicated than this, but this will give you some idea of what we look for.
Your analysis will also include some suggestions on how each of these Mental, Physical and Emotional elements of your psyche might be strengthened and used to best effect.

Where you are psychologically right now

By using the Huber ‘Life-Clock’ method*, I will be able to bring to your awareness the psychological stage you're experiencing right now and, although we never predict the future, some idea of the direction you’re moving towards.

Included in the interpretation will be the result of the Huber Method's Dynamic Calculations* which sum up the overall degree of conditioning you received during your formative years and what this means for you psychologically.

A Spiritual dimension:

Eventually, however successful our lives may be, a time arrives when many people experience a lack, or dissatisfaction with the substance of their lives. If and when that happens to you, and perhaps that is what's happening right now, it could be because you're beginning to search for a spiritual dimension in your life. Your birth chart can help here too, as it provides a pointer towards making this development possible.

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*An accurate birth time is essential for a great deal of a Huber style chart analysis. If you are unsure of your exact time of birth please indicate this when placing your order. With an approximate birth time an interpretation can still be given , but inevitably it will not include the kind of detailed information described above.

Note: A written chart reading offers the benefit of being able to digest the material slowly and absorb its meaning thoroughly. It would also be permanently available to refer to often. However, it can be no substitute for a one-to one consultation, or better still, for learning to read your chart for yourself. If you decide to undertake studying this method of astrological astrology personally you would be commencing an invaluable journey of self-discovery that will literally be life-changing. When studying your own chart over time, you would progressively come to a very deep awareness of your own psyche. 

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