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Princess Charlotte of Cambridge - Our Secret Super Woman
Astro Twins!


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Princess Charlotte of Cambridge - Our Secret Super Woman

Our Secret Superwoman!
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Born: 02/05/2015, at 08: 34 GMT, London, UK

Looking at the aspect pattern in the centre of this new princess’s birth map, I am reminded of superman, or in this case, superwoman with arms and cape stretched out behind her as she takes off on a flight through the air. Certainly it seems that this royal princess will have high flying aims and high ideals to match with her Sun, Mercury and Mars all high in the 11th house.

With a mainly triangular aspect pattern, this royal child will be motivated to observe, discover and learn and will be content to adapt to her environment.

Astro Twins!

Hi There!

We thought you’d like a little more background info about Frankie and me as we are probably unknown quantities to you. For instance: How did we get together to team up? Why would you want to entrust yourselves to us to teach you some psychological astrology?

Well, one day I when I was checking out the Astrological Psychology Association (APA) members forum I saw a post asking if there was anyone in the Sussex area wanting to get together for Astro-chat, and in particular to share thoughts on the Huber Method of astrology.
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