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Princess Charlotte of Cambridge - Our Secret Super Woman

Our Secret Superwoman!

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Born: 02/05/2015, at 08: 34 GMT, London, UK

Looking at the aspect pattern in the centre of this new princess’s birth map, I am reminded of superman, or in this case, superwoman with arms and cape stretched out behind her as she takes off on a flight through the air. Certainly it seems that this royal princess will have high flying aims and high ideals to match with her Sun, Mercury and Mars all high in the 11th house.

With a mainly triangular aspect pattern, this royal child will be motivated to observe, discover and learn and will be content to adapt to her environment. Although happy to go with the flow of life, there is an incomplete four sided Bathtub figure contained within the aspect pattern that implies a different story. She may be constantly trying to maintain some stability and to get a grip on things that seem to be slipping away. The Hubers’ refer to this pattern as ‘attempting not to let the tide going out of your bathtub!’

On the surface, with a Taurus sun sign, she is set to be dependable, stable and down-to-earth, however inside, according to the aspect colour ratio, 5 blue, 5, red and 5 green, she could be highly sensitive and overly-stimulated by the world around her, perhaps suffering from information overload. She may need to take ‘time out’ occasionally in order to fully absorb things and reach a calmer state of mind.

With 4 out of 10 planets on the 5th/11th relationship axis, (plus 2 more planets psychologically in the 5th house), relationships will assume high importance. Friendships are either likely to be based on high principled ideals, perhaps unsurprising for a princess, but other friendships might be much more spontaneous, on the spur-of-the-moment liaisons.

The Sun in the 11th house and in the cardinal zone of the energy curve, shows she has the potential to mature into a responsible, honest and confident adult. Highly principled, she will have her own distinct views and won’t be overly concerned about what others think. Unsurprisingly, society’s doors are set to be wide open to welcome her. Having said that, the sun is intercepted in Taurus, indicating that she might not receive the recognition she would love to have, particularly from her dad, as sun represents the father.

The Moon is positioned in the mutable zone of the energy curve of the 4th house, so it is psychologically already in the 5th.  Whilst she will be very loyal and family oriented and will enjoy a strong sense of belonging, she will also want to spread her wings and widen her circle as a spontaneous urge to mix with and shine with the ‘hoi-polloi’ will also be present. This is perhaps reminiscent of her grandmother, Diana.

Saturn is in the 5th house, and this house shows how we want to make an impression, she is therefore set to make an impact on the world with a steady, dependable, no-nonsense approach.  In the mutable zone of this house, Saturn will also be trying to achieve 6th house concerns. This house asks us to conform to the realities of life and determine our true position in the world, and this may present her with a bit of a challenge.  Saturn is also in a detached aspect with Mercury, which implies that achieving and anchoring a sense of security may sometimes present a problem, perhaps again reflecting the dispersing energies of the ‘leaking’ Bathtub. However, her steady dependable qualities have the potential to eventually develop as an excellent resource for helping others. 

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