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The Psychosynthesis Trust, London. UK

The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust is a training and accrediting member of the Humanistic and Integrative Psychology Section of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

The Astrological Psychology Association, UK

The membership association for all interested in studying, using and developing astrological psychology or 'Huber Astrology'. "Astrological psychology combines the best of traditional astrological knowledge with modern growth psychology, providing a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth". 

The Astrological Association of Great Britain

The Astrological Association of Great Britain is the organisation that supports astrology.

To Purchase your copy of the talk by Marilyn Burnett given at the Astrological Association's Annual Conference on 10th September 2016 please use the link below.

Talk ref: Y996 'Life Beyond Self-Imposed Limitations'

Joyce Hopewell's Blog

Joyce Hopewell, B.A., Dip. API, Cert. Ed., is Principal Emeritus for the Astrological Psychology Association. For examples of how the Huber Method of astrology works in practice and to view her interesting and informative YouTube videos click the above link!

The Association of Professional Astrologers International

The association of professional astrologers (apai) is the professional body for astrologers in the UK and abroad. Besides Astrological Psychology, many astrologers specialise in a specific branch of astrology such as: Electoral (selecting the best time and day for marriage, inaugurations, document signing), Horary (Interpretation of specific questions), Vocational (relating to career), Esoteric (dealing solely with spiritual matters), Mundane (relating to world affairs) and Vedic (also known as Indian or Hindu astrology). If you're looking for a different kind of answer than Astrological Psychology can provide, then this is the place to find the the astrologer you need.

The Sussex Healers' Association

The Sussex Healers' Association (SHA) was founded in 1959 and is a registered charity with its own constitution. It is interdenominational in its work of advancing spiritual healing for the common good. It provides opportunities for the public to receive healing and counselling by keeping a list of registered, approved healers who offer their services freely to those seeking help. 

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